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micStick Features

powered & controlled by iPhone

charger free

cramped airline seats friendly

small . sleek . self-contained

Plug & Play

'click-and-go' on app

volosano micSTICK™



Volosano is the first micSTICK™ with patented pending low frequency microcurrent wave signal generation technology to enable iPhone to become a therapeutic device for discomfort relief during travel.

This tiny, sleek and self-contained STICK is designed with a smart, retractable cable system to be solely powered by iPhone.

Simply turn iPhone APP on, get setup done, save your favorite treatments with one button 'plug-and -play' feature & finally connect micSTICK to your iPhone, and then you can enjoy pre-installed custom therapy and relaxation programs for specific travel fatigue, aches and stiff muscle relief in Neck, Shoulder, Back, Joints,  whenever and wherever you need them.

Not sure where to put the electrodes? The APP will direct you to the best acupuncture points (where our advising acupuncturists would normally apply in the case of acupuncture thereapy) for treatment in a second.

Still have questions? Our team of therapists & Chinese medicine practitioners are ready to assist you via APP / WEB.


Micro-Current Technology 

Micro-current is one millionth of an ampere current. If one AA cell battery delivers one ampere, Micro-current carries one millionth of an AA cell battery intensity. It takes the form of human biological electrical current at the cellular level. Thus, applying this micro-current to the injured sites will enable our body to register the needed signals to activate the regeneration process right away, restoring normal frequencies within the impaired cells, and leading to remarkable improvement in pain, inflammation and function.

How does Micro-current differentiate itself from T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation) ?

TENS is millicurrent, i.e. one thousandth of an ampere, which is one thousand times stronger than micro-current.  

Micro-current sets itself apart from TENS in that it facilitates tissues repairing. Thanks to its electrical nature being close to that of human body, whereas TENS, as commonly used by most Physiotherapists nowadays, at best suppresses pain by cutting off the pain signals to the brain. 

Pain is an essential signal telling us something is wrong with the body that requires fixing. Therefore, it's always better to find out the root cause to deal with, instead of  just stopping it.



what're Next ...

We are working hard for the best ...

  • Stylish eletrodes with CE and FDA approval
  • Phone APP with pre-installed custom treatment programs by therapist
  • more accessories

coming soon ....

Feeling Good

          is living Good

      Let's Make Flying Less Stress

You can't sleep. Your joints hurt. Your back and shoulder is getting stiff.

It's too hot. Now is too cold. It's too cramped for your knees in the seat.

Time goes slowly. Journey seems never ending.

Sounds familiar? Most of us have experienced some sort of discomfort on an airplane, especially when stuck in economy class for a transatlantic flight from London to New York, or beyond. Such journeys are no pleasures by any measures.

Surely, there are hundreds of ways to mitigate the travel fatigues and discomforts. Pills and portions are probably the most common.

Don't like drugs? Volosano micSTICK could be a viable alternative for you.

It's chic, light and discreet to such extent that anyone else could mistake you for just listening to music, not even aware that your are alleviating discomfort and weariness. This is because micro-current doesn't bump the sensory nerves, and so we wouldn't feel the shock-like sensations otherwise caused by traditional T.E.N.S. made. What's more, it provides instant relief with direct application to the affected areas we need most. The electrical pulse reaches deep down the meridians and points not only to improve the body balance of 'Qi' (i.e. energy in Chinese medicine), but also to encourage the body to repair injured cells by itself. This helps in recovery and prevention of re-injury.

Electro-therapy is not something little known to us in medical industry. Indeed, it has been proved natural, safe, simple and effective. In addition, it was  approved as an over-the-counter treatment by the US FDA in 2015.

Thus, it doesn’t matter if you’re taking a luxury vacation or budget backpacking trip; when you’re feeling travel fatigue, it’s important to make yourself comfortable. That doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive spa treatment or book a 5-star hotel, but adding a little luxury into your trip can help you perk up.

Ready for a trip? Let Volosano micSTICK be your travel companion to make the economy flight feel like first therapeutic class.

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